2009 From Internet to Forest

In Feb 2009., genuinely rooted from the desire to share his passion, the website http://solarpower.vn, giving news of solar industry, was created by Pham Nam Phong, a young engineer fond of technologies and innovations. At that point of time in Vietnam, the term “solar power” was still vague and unfamiliar to almost people. Building this website, he aimed to make this concept common knowledge and help this wonderful energy source become prefered early.
The website quickly attracted people’s interest and made them turn their attention to this new form of energy. Soon realizing this trend, Phong was determined to dive more deeply. He visited many overseas manufacturers of solar panel and appliances to see production lines firsthand in order to get insight into these high technology products.
Not long after that, the first contract came to him – 14 off-grid solar power systems 510W for forest ranger stations of Bù Gia Mập National Park. This memorable start, more meaningful when it served a national park, boosted the confidence of this young entrepreneur to engage in this new field. Vu Phong was born in that way.
From the very first, Phong had a clear vision of his fledgling company: Vu Phong would run as both a contractor and a manufacturer. So, while the number of projects has gradually increased, the R&D Department was also established to research solar devices branded SolarV.


  • 2010

    4 first solar generators named Combo 3, 6, 12, 22 suitable for LED lamps and charging cell phones were tested.
  • 2011

    These 4 solar generators were put into production, then first introduced at an exhibition in the Central Highlands. They received suprising notice of distributors, one of them even requested to buy every products at the booth.
  • 2012

    Researched Combo 55 and Combo 110
    Launched Solar Digital Pulse Charge Controller 20A.
    Built the distribution network in the South of Vietnam.
  • 2013

    • Developed different varieties of charge controller.
    • Studied power switching devices, starting with 100W and 500W.
    • Reached the North’s market.
  • 2014

    Took pride in being the first Vietnam company producing high-frequency inverters.
  • 2015

    Changed the brand name into VUPHONG SolarV.
    Add new lines to the product range: auto battery charger, LED light, chargeble solar light, solar generator on wheels, UPS.
  • 2016

    Open the Central office in Da Nang City
    Extend the presence through well-known modern retailers (AEON Mall, Co.opXtra, Lazada, Lotte,...)
    Start exporting to Myanmar

Our journey is to make solar power a part of every people’s life.


    Since our establishment in 2009, we have won several awards ranging from local to industry association recognition which give you peace of mind that you are choosing a reputable partner for your project.

    Golden Cup for Favorite Brand

    (National Office of Intellectual Property)

    Top 10 Viet Brands

    (Ministry of Industry and Trade)