Liêng Srônh is a particularly impoverished commune lying to the west of Đam Rông District, Lam Dong Province, 35 km from the town center. Due to its ​rugged ​mountain terrain, transportation is extremely difficult. Almost inhabitants here are ethnic minorities.

Đạ Mpô Primary School is located in Village 5 of this commune, without any road to enter. Dangerous bamboo raft is the only way to arrive at this school. Under such tough conditions, understandably, the national grid cannot reach this area.

In Nov 2013, with supporting of Department of Science and Technology of Lâm Đồng Province, we installed a 1.74kW solar power system which lighted 5 classrooms of this school. Especially, all of 50 LED lamps of this project are made and sponsored by Vu Phong. We really hope this change can make living and educating of teachers here easier.