Our engineers choose every element of your solar project from modules and inverters to nuts and bolts. They analyze data from existing projects and national resource centers in order to account for weather/climate, shading and air quality that can affect an installation’s energy production.

Vu Phong’s design process:

  • Sound Concept & Technology–We will design a system optimized to meet your goals, customized for your site, climate, and available solar incentives/programs. The design concept includes selecting specific technologies, structural supports, mechanical elements and electrical interconnection plans.
  • Quality & Reliability–Every design we produce undergoes a rigorous multi-step review process. This process includes the application of our proprietary solar engineering standards.
  • Value Engineering–We take a comprehensive approach to solar design and keep the entire construction process in mind to mitigate construction risks and save you money by working with various stakeholders early on.
  • Client Needs–We address your concerns at every step — whether they’re related to aesthetics, economics, or risk—resulting in a solar power installation that exceeds your expectations.


We’re technology agnostic. That means we have no exclusive partnerships with manufacturers that would prevent us using the best-suited technology for the job. Our procurement team evaluates every technology and only uses products that have a proven track record, are backed by solid balance sheets and come with comprehensive quality controls.

The price of a product is only part of our analysis. We also closely consider the total return and risk profile, which includes payment and warranty terms, manufacturer’s balance sheet and technical specifications.

This flexibility to sourcing helps us achieve the greatest possible return on your investment.


Our construction and operations team take a collaborative approach to project management by focusing on open communication among all project partners about goals, needs and deadlines.We’ve have a long list of best practices built into our processes, methods and hiring practices that start with experience, being goal-oriented, quality, safety and team work.