LED Streetlight 220V 100W New – Smart, Super bright & Energy saving



Brighten up your space with energy-saving, easy-to-install, environmentally friendly LED lamps

An efficient solution for street and area lighting, lowering energy consumption compared to HID fixture for additional operating cost savings and reducing maintenance.

Ideal for roadway, parking lots, walkways, residential and industrial areas, or other outdoor spaces.

240 super bright 3rd-generation premium LiteOn (Taiwan) LEDs

– High quality MeanWell (Taiwan) driver and Vu Phong PCB (IP68)

– Intelligent lighting control:

  • Lamps automatically turn on at night, turn off in the daytime.
  • Programmable lighting levels for optimum energy savings. For example: 18h-21h: 100%, 21h-23h: 75%, 23h-4h: 50%, 4h onwards: 25%.


 Temperature sensor for LEDs board to protect and increase the lifespan of LEDs.

 Warranty: 2 years (standard) – 5 years (option).

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