Pulse Solar Charge Controller 24V 15A 400W

Product ID : SVC-24V15A
Warranty : 1 Year


Monitor the charging, keep batteries preserved and protect the off grid solar power system.

A battery charge controller required in an off grid solar power system. Connecting solar panel and battery, the solar charge controller monitors the charging, protects the system and prolongs the life of batteries.


Model SV-Charge-24V-400W-15AX
Input Voltage Range 17-22V DC
Max Charge Current 15A
Max Output Capacity 400W
Auto On/Off Function Yes
Full Load Voltage 24V-15A
No-Load Current 80mA
Discharge Voltage Vbatt  ≥ 15V DC
Recharge Voltage Vbatt  ≤ 13.5V DC
Charge Technology Pulse
Protection Overload
Over charge, over  discharge
Empty Battery 10.6Vdc
Battery polarity is connected reversed
Battery overvoltage shutdown
Dimension 228 x 135 x 80mm
Weight 0.8 kg